Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

My dearest, darling-est, wonderful friend Leaca heard I was going to send out my Christmas card with no picture, so she was so kind to take this picture for us during church - and then make this uber cute card from it.

If you don't get a card from me then I don't have your address in my computer.  I will post my letter on the blog later, after those of you who get a card read yours.  They're late.  So sorry.  Love you all!


Emily Hurtado said...

Absolutely LOVE this picture of the family!

Anonymous said...

Ethan is getting so big!! - Sabrina

JoLynne said...

Very Cute picture-the colors are perfect too

Anonymous said...

dudes the picture is pretty cool we talked about the whole Christmas card thing but never got around to it haha and our blog hasn't been updated for a long time i still cant get kirsten to keep it up to date maby when she is a momma she will have more computer time. school starts on tuesday we move into a two bedroom apartment on Monday a building down in the same complex. I've been shadowing at the Orthodontist and so its been a lot more exciting for me to be doing stuff taking teeth impressions and practicing taking on and off chains for braces and x-rays and such were a lot more excited to apply for dental school if we just get in that will solve a lot off worries. anyways we better head out to church we are meeting at 1:30 today but we change to 9:00 for the year check you guys later
Greg And Kirsten