Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving, Snow, and Gymnastics

11/7 - I thought this was entirely too cute not to take a picture of:

11/24 - I cut the boys hair and Doug took pictures.  Ethan was first and Doug missed the haircut, but caught the shower.
This is the same way Doug stands in the shower
(if you care to know)

Ethan loves his showers

Notice the hair all over Nolan's shoulders

When they're done, I vacuum them off.


We had Thanksgiving this year with our friends the Quiners.  Last year their daughter Cecily was in Brenden's class at school and this year their son Boden is in his class.  They have a son Liam who is a little older than Nolan and a son Thayne that is 4 days older than Ethan - and then 2 more kids than that. Yes, that makes 6, but it makes for lots of great playmates for our boys.  Poor Cecily was the only girl with 8 boys.  She survived though.

Angeline had asked what we were doing for Thanksgiving and invited us to have Thanksgiving with them.  It sounded fun, so we split up the food and then spent the whole day together.  We have two ovens, so the event was at our house.  The kids had fun playing, and occasionally fighting.  While they played, we played Bananagrams, a game Angeline has been telling me about for a long time.  Liam left a great, lasting impression when his dinner made an exit on the basement carpet.  Ethan must have watched closely because two days later he did the same thing in his bedroom.

The Ley family (minus Jeremy, who was taking a warm vacation) joined us later in the evening for desert (of which we had tons), the Quiners left, and then the Ley kids and mine just kind of crashed everywhere all over the house.  They left sometime late the next morning.  I love having friends!

11/29 - I came upstairs and found Ethan making himself a sandwich.

The many faces of Ethan:

Don't they look exactly alike?

12/2 it finally snowed enough to really go play in it.  The buses were 2 hours late, so after digging Doug out of the driveway and digging my car out of the garage, I took Brenden to school and he was still 1/2 hour late.  We had started digging an hour and a half earlier.  After we dropped him off, the other boys and I came home, bundled up, and went out to play.

Ethan was more interested in eating the snow

Nolan enjoyed sledding

Nolan tried to clean off the slide

When Brenden came home, Nolan went out to play with him

12/2 Nolan had gymnastics and I finally remembered to take my camera.

And it's finally Ethan's turn to do the waiting and watching


Emily Hurtado said...

Dude, how do you get your kids to take showers? Halle won't get near a shower and hates the water running over her head. Fill me in on the secret, because I'd love for Halle to take her own showers.

Emily Hurtado said...

Oh, and I love the Ethan faces. What a cutie! I hope we can come visit this summer, it's in the plans if plane tickets can get below like $500 like last year.

Unknown said...

You have darling boys! Where do they take gymnastics?

The Boehme Family said...

M - Mine start taking showers with us when they're tiny. As soon as they could stand on their own, they were taking showers. I guess you missed your opportunity there... there's always next time. Take her in with you, but hold her with her back in the water, not her head. Then tell her to need to wash your hair, so you have to put her down, but have her stand with her back in the water "to keep her warm." She'll get used to it.

Doug got the A-OK to take spring break off and now tickets have gone up, so I'm still looking.

Mollie - River City Cheer on K-Beach in the Save-U-More building. I think they're pretty cute too, thanks!