Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten!

He HAD to wear the new shirt his uncle Greg picked out for him.

Brenden totally posed himself for these pictures.  I totally cheated and they were taken AFTER school (I am so not on the ball with pictures - sometimes I forget cameras exist and that I might want some visual record of big events).

Brenden has been counting down the days until school starts for a while now.  He has been so excited.  We went yesterday to meet with his teacher and talk about the FM system, cochlear implants and hearing aids.  Today when we arrived, he was greeted by his teacher, his deaf educator, and his speech therapist.  I was so happy they were all there to make his transition a good one.  The K/1st class has 7 kindergartners and 12 first graders.  He says he found a new best friend, but did not know his name.  His teacher is SO quiet and there were times while I was in the room that I could barely hear her.  The speech therapist, Mr. Hufford said that he could tell that Brenden could not hear some things that were said.  The FM is still on order, but it will help a ton.

At the school they have a "boo hoo breakfast" for parents of new kindergartners.  It is meant so that the parents can all sit and cry together that their baby is all grown up.  No crying here!  There were kleenexes everywhere.  I enjoyed getting to talk to a few other parents though.  I think Brenden will really enjoy school - I love that he loves school so much - what better dream could any teacher have for her own children?

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jaordyna said...

What a cutie in all his poses! That's awesome that he is so excited for school. My Ally starts tomorrow- hurray!