Saturday, August 23, 2008

Industry Appreciation Day

Today was Industry Appreciation Day in Kenai.  They basically have a big community fair with free food and a bounce house and all sorts of free stuff.  They have contests (like who can pull in a fishing net the fastest - nothing normal) and give away prizes.  They have a special bicycle giveaway and give rides on a utility truck.  They have all sorts of construction trucks and a fire engine and police car for the kids to check out.  There was a band and all sorts of companies advertising.  Brenden, Ethan and I went to check it out.  Oh, they also gave away a $500 gas card.  Who couldn't use one of those?  We arrived pretty late, so we missed out on most of it, but still had fun.

Freecycle is my new best friend.  Over the last 2 days I have rid myself of LOTS of stuff.  It is a website where you can post want ads or give away items (for free).  Yes, garage sales would be more lucrative, but I just wanted to be rid of a few things and no one comes this far out for a garage sale.  It is so refreshing to get rid of stuff.  Check out if you have freecycle near you.  You might find a little gem (for free)!

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