Monday, August 18, 2008

Who knew?

My kid can ride a bike!  For the last several years, Brenden has ridden around on his bike with training wheels and I never tried too hard to teach him how to ride it.  He is kinda nutty and freaks out about little things, so I thought I would give him a while.  I told him we were going to try today after church and he cried and said he would fall down and get hurt.  So, I went through some boxes and found the helmet and elbow and knee pads.  I told him if he fell, these would help him not get very hurt.  In the process of the move or maybe from having gravel roads, one of his training wheels broke off of his bike, so I removed the other one.  I told him, it is okay if he falls, he just needs to get back up and hop back on and practice some more.  He said, "But I'll be okay, cause I have this!" and pointed to his helmet.

We went down to the road and found the most flat spot we could.  I helped him get steadied and started to run along side him.  I realized I wasn't doing anything, so I let go.  Off he went and he rode down to the house and into the driveway.  I was amazed.  The first thing he said was, "Dylan will be so proud!"  (Dylan is his cousin who is 6 months older, but has known how to ride a bike for almost 2 years now.)  Here is a little video for you.  Sorry it is shaky.  Our road is not what you would call "smooth" and I was more concerned about falling in a hole.  I will work on my movie making skills too.  I have not had time to play with my new movie software yet (and by new I mean one year old).

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Jeremy said...

Erin you can upload any video to Google video and then place it in your blog and it is a little faster and easier. By the way how is everyone up there nowadays?