Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Doug and Nolan just left for Idaho, so I am hoping I will have a little time for updates and cleaning.  As soon as they left, Brenden and I were both bawling about how much we missed them.  Brenden and Nolan really have a good time together.  In fact, here is a picture of them today...
That is what we call a "Jeremy" smile.  Love ya, Jer!
The following picture is for Trudy's sake...
I was afraid that even with all of these notes I was going to forget to renew our temple recommends and Doug needed it for his brother Greg's wedding.

As long as I am talking about church stuff, I will tell you about our callings.  The second week we were here, the bishop showed up at our cabin and told us they were considering calling Doug to seminary (for any non-Mormons, that is that crazy church thing I did at 6:00 a.m. during high school).   We told him all of the reasons why they shouldn't and they didn't.  Doug is now the second counselor in the young men's.  I was called to nursery (which in Doug's mind is the BEST calling in the church).  Basically, I babysat all the kids between 18 mo. and 3 years old during the last 2 hours of church.  I cried everyday for the 2 weeks I had the calling.  How can they call a stay at home mom to a calling that she took 2 of her kids to?  It was my ONE day to see adults and be away from my kids.  I was utterly depressed.  So, knowing they needed a seminary teacher, I volunteered (I doubt that is standard church procedure).  So, now I get to be in seminary at 6:00 a.m. everyday and I hate to get up early.  It is funny to me that in Utah and Idaho being a seminary teacher is a competitive job market and here they can't get anyone to do it.

A few people have asked for pictures of my house.  These pictures are just from the previous owners.  I have not taken any and I am still painting the inside, so when I feel like my house is ready, I will take some interior pictures to share.  "Ready" is a very relative term.
So much for that copyright...
Our boat dock with a couple of our boats.

These pictures are from Doug's dreaded day of rowing...

Aug 6 - The day Grandma, Grandpa, and Greg arrived:
Fishing with Grandpa and Uncle Greg
I LOVE this face Brenden makes when he rides his bike - if you can't tell, his tongue is sticking out like he is concentrating.  I did not realize I did this too until we were moving and I couldn't figure out why my tongue hurt so bad.
While we had family here visiting, we tried out our fire pit and made s'mores.
I don't think Brenden ate any, but he sure liked to cook them.
Nolan on the other hand ate lots.
But I think Ethan ate the very most.
Sugar makes for happy little boys.
Greg - King of the rock at Capt. Cook State Park (aka. the beach)
Doug thought the picture of me was better than the picture his mom was trying to take of him and the kids.

I think I only have one more post until we are totally up to date!  Woo hoo!


Landon and Mandi said...

It looks toooooooooooo cold for me!! Glad you already had some visitors!! How fun!!

jaordyna said...

Wow, so much fun! Your house looks absolutely charming. What fun to take the boys out fishing whenever you feel like it!

I'm amazed that you volunteered yourself to teach seminary! That takes lots of time I bet. Those callings that take the most effort are usually the most rewarding, too. Good for you!