Sunday, August 24, 2008

Onions in our grass

Brenden: Mom, look, we have onions in our grass.  Grandpa had these, but he didn't take them in the house and cook them, he threw them in the trash.
Mom: Onions?
Brenden: Yeah, come look!
Mom: Do you mean mushrooms?
Brenden: Yeah, what did I say?
Mom: Onions.
Brenden: They aren't onions, they are mushrooms.  You thought they were onions?
Mom: No, you thought they were onions.
Brenden: Mom, they're not onions, they're mushrooms!  You're silly.


Landon & Mandi said...

Yeah mom, get it right!!!

Jeremy and Celeste said...

That is about like my rock story. You may have to ask my mom about it.