Sunday, August 24, 2008

Onions in our grass

Brenden: Mom, look, we have onions in our grass.  Grandpa had these, but he didn't take them in the house and cook them, he threw them in the trash.
Mom: Onions?
Brenden: Yeah, come look!
Mom: Do you mean mushrooms?
Brenden: Yeah, what did I say?
Mom: Onions.
Brenden: They aren't onions, they are mushrooms.  You thought they were onions?
Mom: No, you thought they were onions.
Brenden: Mom, they're not onions, they're mushrooms!  You're silly.


Landon and Mandi said...

Yeah mom, get it right!!!

Jeremy said...

That is about like my rock story. You may have to ask my mom about it.