Tuesday, November 18, 2008

8 years

Today is my 8 year anniversary.  Sometimes I look around and wonder how I got to where I am today.  There are days when I think, "Where did all of this come from?"  "I can't believe I'm married!"  "I can't believe I have three kids."  "When did I grow up?"  In 8 years, Doug and I have had lots of adventures, some better than others, but in the end, as long as we're together, everything seems to have been for the better.

Some highlights of our 8 years:  (Notice I didn't say high points, just highlights)
It all started with a girl grilling outside her apartment and some girl-seeking boys.  I owe a large portion of my dating turn marriage to some of my great friends who were enlisted to be my companions while making visits to see Doug.  Poor Vickie and Jess (I wish I still knew where Jess was...), poor Dallin - thanks guys.  I don't know that Doug and I had a one on one conversation for the first several weeks of dating because one of us was always hauling a friend along.

I am not a patient person.  Getting my wedding ring was no different.  Doug insisted he was buying shocks for his car and that he needed to save for them - I had no idea this was code for "wedding ring."  That is one of the few times in our relationship I wish I could take back.  I was not very nice.

I always knew Doug would be a good Dad.  We used to take my cousin's kids off her hands as often as possible.  Doug has always loved kids and other than when he has a beard, I don't think there is a kid out there who can resist him.

Doug was amazing during Pharmacy School.  He made sure we were taken care of before ever taking care of himself.  Four years of no sleep can't be good on a person, but somehow Doug made it through school while keeping his family and home well taken care of.  In retrospect, I didn't fulfill all of the responsibilities I should have taken over while he was so buried in school work.  

I want to publicly announce that I love Doug and that I can't imagine what my life would be like had he not come along.  It is amazing to me that as soon as I stopped looking for a husband, the perfect man for me literally arrived on my doorstep (hidden behind some girls "coming to meet their new neighbors").

8 years ago, had you asked me where I thought I would be today, I never would have told you I'd be in Alaska with 3 little boys, but then again, who can predict the future?  It just another one of those adventures for us, but as long as we're together, we'll come out on top.


Kristen said...

Congratulations on 8 years you two! I hope you have a wonderful anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!

Landon and Mandi said...

I think 8 years ago Doug would say, you would be in Alaska with 4 kids!!! Ha ha ha!!!

Congrats!!! You made it through the 7th year and I hear that is the hardest year, don't know why. Miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! So glad you found a good one!

Anonymous said...

You two are such a great couple and wonderful parents! Happy Anniversary!