Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lots of Pictures

Yesterday when I got home from seminary, it was 1 degree.  When I took Brenden to school, it was negative six.
November 13
Doug and Ethan started the day working in the garage.
"Look, I have a gigantic screw and my own seat!"
"Oops, I lost it."
"I love to help dad, we have so much fun together."
"Excuse me for a moment, I have a phone call..."
While cleaning out the garage, I found the sled we bought in the spring on clearance.  I think it took a half hour to get us all layered up and dressed to go.

"Dad, did you need me to clean your lens?"
Doug and Nolan went snowmobiling.  Yes, Doug is wearing shorts... still.  For anyone who doesn't know Doug well, you will find him in shorts daily unless he has to go to work.
Nolan loves to snowmobile.
The snow was so deep, Nolan had a hard time walking - heck, I have a hard time walking in it.
Nolan giggled and giggled.
Nolan enjoyed sledding much more than Ethan did.
Our neighbors across the street live on a huge hill, so we borrowed their driveway (if you can call it that - it is kind of like their own street up to their house) and Nolan and I sled for a while.  I picked up Brenden with the sled and pulled him home.  I couldn't figure out why I felt like I would die only half-way home.  Yes, I was walking up a hill, but I have walked up the same hill a hundred times before.  I looked behind me to find Brenden digging his feet into the ground while I was trying to slide him along.  I let go of the sled and he got a nice ride back down the hill.  Then we came home and went to the neighbor's house again.  I don't think I've ever had so much fun sledding as I did with Brenden that afternoon.

Unfortunately, after a day of play, Doug hurt his back and wasn't able to tile for a few days.  Here is how he got a back massage:
November 17
I spent the morning cleaning out the ash and coals in the fireplace.  Doug swept out the chimney and we had our first fire on Monday.  The boys are loving it.  I make a fire first thing in the morning when I get home from seminary, so Brenden can see it before he leaves for school and the boys sit and watch the fire for a while before bed each night.
Doug picked up Brenden on the snowmobile today.  All of my efforts have been foiled, so now Doug looks like the cool dad who comes to the bus stop on a snowmobile.  Brenden got home and said, "That was SO FUN!  We went FAST - like 100 miles........... (thinking intensely)  No, maybe like 120 miles fast!"  My other favorite quote of the day:  "Mom, are you gonna chump some more cheese?"  (He made up his own word for shred.)

November 18
I spent the morning hauling wood to the house for our fireplace.
Nolan wore the snowmobiling helmet around all afternoon...
but he can't quite see out of it.
Brenden gets his homework done as soon as he gets home from school.
Practicing snowmobiling - too bad he won't wear the helmet ON the snowmobile.
Helper #3
Since no one ever gets to see my decorating (except Emily in ONE WEEK!), I thought I would take a picture.  Brenden brought me home the pine cones from school.
My Super Saturday Creations in all their glory...

(the tile, not the flower arrangement)


Emily Hurtado said...


Nolo and Lauren said...

sounds like ya'll are having too much fun. it'll be interesting to read your blogs when you're on month number six of snow.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast! We have been talking about buying a snowmobile but TYler is talking about snow shoes instead. I think snowmobiles look like more fun. What do you think? (P.S. Very Cute Eskimo Kiss picture)

Landon and Mandi said...

I knew Doug would still be wearing shorts!! As much fun as snow mobiling sounds, I am so not ready for snow!! I have been enjoying our 50-60 degree weather. I also am interested in your blog after 6 months of snow!!

Hey did you give your mom that beautiful red tree? What is that called?