Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have been tagged many times over and I have not forgotten and I will get to them.  I think I owe a tag posting to:
Please let me know if I have missed a tag by you.  I WILL do them.  Brenden has not read any blogs yet, but the people who posted for him, thank you.  We will likely read them tomorrow.

Today was Super Saturday, so I have new crafty projects to show for my day of fun with no kids and out of the house.  I had tons of fun and got some new ideas.

Doug tiled today.  He got a babysitter to come stay with the kids, but Ethan is a daddy's boy.  He won't even let ME hold him if Doug is around, so he was not a very fun kid to babysit if his dad is around.  We are getting much closer with the tile, but it is still not finished.

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Abby said...

A daddy's child? What's that like?