Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm not the only one

I guess Brenden is as tired of the mess as I am.

Brenden's quotable quote of Sunday:
"God's just talkin' too loud."

Nolan's quotable quote of today:
"But I don't want you to get on your 'puter." (computer)

I just found Newman (our bassett hound) standing on the kitchen table, so I sent him outside, but the snow is deeper than he is tall.  This sounds silly, I know, but it is finally warm enough to snow.  It just can't snow at 12 degrees.

Ethan is getting pretty good at walking these days - it's about time!  I keep wondering if my brother's new baby Kolton will be walking before Ethan.  His kids walk early and mine walk really, really, late.  Ethan just get cuter and cuter everyday and does more and more silly things.  His new favorite word (okay, it is only, like, his third word) is "look!"  He loves to go to the bus stop and wait for Brenden and when the bus rounds the corner he starts yelling, "look!  look!"  He doesn't talk much, BUT, I figured out how to keep his hearing aid in - so now maybe he will learn to actually talk.  I taped it to his hair so that when he pulls on his hearing aid, it in turn pulls on his hair.  I know, it seems mean, but he has to learn to wear the hearing aid somehow.  Especially since he will potentially end up like Brenden, with a very expensive cochlear implant that cannot get lost or it just might be the end of the world.

Brenden came home last night and promptly did his homework and then wandered into the kitchen and cleaned out the dishwasher.  Then he made everyone cinnamon toast for dinner.  All of this without even a suggestion from me!  It was very tasty cinnamon toast besides.

I opened a few Christmas totes today.  I removed the lid from about the forth one and the smell of mold came pouring out of the box.  I don't know what happened, but I can assure you that nearly everything in that box will go into the trash as soon as my "helpers" are down for naps.  Luckily, most of the box contained glass ornaments, but the cardboard storage boxes will have to be replaced.  Felicia and Celeste will appreciate how sorrowful I am for the elf basket having molded.  I think somehow I still ended up with two.  I am so relieved that it is not the stockings or tree skirt or Christmas books.  I know, I'm a little early, but it is hard not to be with all of this snow.  Our neighbors have Christmas lights up.  It is about time to start scoping for a tree.  Around here you just wander through the woods until you find one you like.  No more Charlie Brown artificial Christmas tree for me!  I am having to contain myself from decorating since we just took down the Halloween decor.  

I guess I better go clean the floor, as per Brenden's request, I mean, demand.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your elf basket. You know, I think there might be another one sitting around somewhere. If I happen to find it I'll be sure to get it to you...