Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Brenden is mad at me, so he just announced, "Now I'm allergic to you - I will never touch you again!"  It reminds me of my younger days when I would get mad at my cousin and tell him, "You're not my cousin anymore!"  (Sound familiar, Damon?)  I'm quite sure I said it at least a dozen times and yet, he's still my cousin.  I am also quite sure that Brenden isn't allergic to me - I think I would have figured that out by now.

We had Brenden's IEP meeting today for school.  After seeing his assessments, I couldn't be more proud of the progress he has made this year.  Essentially, he is pretty "normal" when it comes to his expressive and receptive language. What a wonderful thing for a mother of a deaf child to hear!  He has an wonderful classroom teacher, a fantastic teacher for the deaf, and an awesome speech therapist.  His teacher will teach first grade next year, so he will move right along with her.  We are excited to have another year with her.  She knows him well and I'm sure he'll make great strides.


Angeline and Matt said...

Hey Erin it was fun to find you on facebook, and to discover you blog too, what a treat!

Amber said...

Oh, it's always such a relief to find out that they are progressing. Brenden's a smart kid; he's going to go far.
Nolan is cute with his new cast. I can't wait to try to get Logan to walk after he's done.

uncle Greg said...

its ok brenden i think i am alergic to erin too haha

Amy said...

Brenden cracks me up.