Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meet my Mom

This is my mom (and her mom, my exceptional grandma).  I LOVE my mom.  My mom showed me how to be a mom.  She stayed home and played with us, read to us, and taught us important lessons.  I learned how to cook from my mom.  She is creative in the kitchen and makes beautiful, colorful, healthy meals.  I learned to love and take care of a family from my mom.  She taught me that a clean home is a happy home.  I learned how to manage money and recognize the importance of staying out of debt.  My mom taught me the importance of an education.  

As much as she might have tried, I did not learn how to sew from my mom.  My mom is an outstanding seamstress.  She can create the most amazing costumes, bedding, blessing dresses... basically, anything you want, my mom can make it.  My mom is crafty (although she would probably not refer to herself as such).  She can re-create decor from a store for a fraction of the cost.  I have always been proud to say, "My mom made this!"

My mom is my support system.  I can call my mom with all of my problems and she makes me feel validated and loved.  My mom is busy.  Owning her own business is a tough job - she has a tough boss!  She works hard to have everything done right, no matter how many times it might take, or how many phone calls are involved.  I can't say it enough, I LOVE MY MOM.  I am who I am today because of my mom and I miss her every single day.

I could type a whole post on how much I love my grandma, but I will just say this: I hope I am JUST like her when I reach her age.  She is loving and caring and giving and oh so much fun!

This is my other mom - Doug's mom.  I can't say what it was like to grow up in her house because I simply wasn't there, but from the stories I have heard, it was a joy be a part of their family.  I have proof that she is a good mom and his name is Doug.  All of her six children have grown and progressed into intelligent, caring, and level-headed adults.  Their family has an amazing bond.  She took me in like her own daughter when I married into the family.  She made me feel loved from the first time I met her.

Doug's mom is a nurse.  She works hard, but always makes time for family.  She is always willing to help and change her plans for anyone who needs her.  She is self-sacrificing and charitable.  She taught me about canning and gardening.  It may sound odd, but she taught me the importance of family vacations.  She taught me patience and to always speaking kindly of others.  She is very tactful.  I love her and look forward to every visit and phone call.

And to all of my grandmothers, Mutti, Grandma Kline, and Grandma Williams, I love you all - Happy Mother's Day.


Anonymous said...

Erin, You are an amazing mom yourself! Those boys of yours are smart and amazing and very well loved. Thanks for doing such a great job. Happy Mother's Day to you. Love, Trudy

kirsten boehme said...

Hey whats up dudes! happy mothers day Erin. we were just reading your blog and decided to drop you a line or two. nothings really exciting on the main land except that we found out that we are pregnant and due at the end of november. we are very excited and Greg is freaking out (but that is to be expected) haha! well i hope everything is well and we love you all. again happy mothers day peace out!

Emily Hurtado said...

Ditto on loving my (our) mommy. She did a great job raising all of us! I love you too, mommy. And, Erin, you are also an incredible mom and I hope Doug and the kids were able to show you that today.

Koren said...

Erin, thank you for that welcome, (and often undeserved) tribute. You brought a smile to my face and yes, as usual, tears to my eyes (no eye-rolling here--you know who you are). It's times like this that make it all worth it! Seeing your talents, strength and ability to cope with anything makes me so very proud. Your kids love you and for good reason. I love you and miss you more than I can express!