Monday, October 27, 2008

Back by popular demand

Thursday last week we went to Brenden's parent/teacher conference.  She said that he has completed all assessments for the kindergarten year other than some science things they have not covered, so she did the 1st grade assessment.  In reading, he has far surpassed the first grade assessment, so she said before our next parent teacher conference she would assess him according to the second grade scale.

At the beginning of the year, she tested his reading.  She reported to us that at the end of first grade, a child should be reading 57 words per minute.  Brenden reads aloud 91 words per minute (or did 2 months ago).

The kid impresses me everyday and I hope he never loses his love of learning or his love of reading.

I will post about our fun fall carnival when the spare time presents itself.  I have some very cute pictures to share.  

Brenden says he is ready to move back to Idaho.  Sunday I had a cute quote to share, but have since forgotten it.  Ethan is working hard on walking - he may beat Nolan's record 17 months old!  

My bathroom is in the same state as it was during my last post, but now the kitchen and dining room match.  Nothing is quite functional at this point.

My momma comes Wednesday!

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