Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Winter Recreation

I know I said I wasn't going to blog for a while, but I just had to share our OH SO FUN afternoon.  I decided at 1:00 that I wanted to surprise Brenden with picking him up at the bus stop on the snowmobile.  Doug warned me I would probably not be able to get it started after sitting all summer, but I thought I could.  Three very tiresome hours later (of pulling the start cord OVER AND OVER AND OVER), I had to pick up Brenden in the car.  Then, I came home and "voila" (sounds like wollah - it's French), it started on the first try.  Brenden and I rode around the lawn for a while and then a truck with a plow on front appeared in our driveway.  It was Fred (husband to one of Doug's co-workers) come to save the day.  Evidently, he had been in the pharmacy during part of my three frustrating hours of trying to get the snowmobile to start.  He had come to plow our driveway for us.  I enlisted him in more than he had bargained for.  Doug and I have been a little behind the times in our winter recreating, but we bought the boys a little tiny snowmobile at the beginning of the summer before we left Idaho.  We have been unsuccessful in getting it to start, but Fred played with it for a few minutes and "voila," it started.  So, while our spouses were off working, Fred, his kids, my kids and I had a great time in the snow.  While one kid played on the snowmobile, the others played on sleds.
Nolan on the big snowmobile

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