Monday, October 6, 2008

My brain told me

Brenden was moved from the kindergarten to the 1st grade math group today, but he told me several times that he is still in kindergarten.  He was doing his addition homework tonight and there were 5 pictures of hippos, a line, and then 3 pictures of hippos.  While glancing at the picture, without really "counting" them, Brenden told me there were 5 hippos.  He told me that his brain told him that.  He said he can hear it in his head.  Later, when I was trying to relate the story to Doug, Brenden informed me that he could hear his brain, but I could not.  BUT, if I wanted to, I would have to get closer to his brain to hear it.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Sweetest of them all?

Nolan has a blanket and a puppy he sleeps with every night.  Saturday, Brenden stole the blanket and was teasing Nolan with it.  Nolan was rolling around on the floor in misery, so Ethan lovingly crawled over and gave him a hug.  When Nolan continued, Ethan crawled off and returned with Nolan's puppy in tow as an effort to make him feel better.  What a wonderful little brother!

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