Monday, March 9, 2009

Seattle Day 1

Sunday Brenden and I drove to Anchorage for our overnight stay before our flight.  We went swimming and had a lot of fun.  Monday morning we woke up at 3:30 and were to the airport by 4:45 for our 6:30 flight.  Our flight was uneventful and we arrived safely.

We are staying with Doug's cousin Jennifer and her husband Rahul.  We are having so much fun!  We dropped Rahul off at work and spent the day with Jennifer.  They have been very hospitable and I think they are oh so funny.  Rahul is from India, so they eat a lot of Indian food and Jennifer made the most wonderful (and I am assuming very tame) Indian food last night.  Brenden and I LOVED it.  To be honest, I am craving it again!  After we ate, Jen threw it back in the pans and spiced it up a little (or a lot) more for Rahul.

Our appointments went well.  Brenden was very still and calm for his CT (but was not still, calm, or quiet for any part of the rest of the day - you know how your kids act when there are visitors?  That was Brenden ALL day!).  We went straight from the CT scan to the pre-op appointment.  The nurse must not have had kids because he told Brenden, "I need to take your pulse."  When Brenden didn't automatically flip over his wrist, the nurse impatiently tapped on Brenden's wrist.  He finally said, "I need your wrist."  In the end, he grabbed Brenden's arm and took the pulse without any help from Brenden.  Brenden was very out of it after being up for 12 hours already.  They asked him when his birthday was and, with a very glazed over look, Brenden said, "I don't know..."  When they asked him how old he was, he hesitated, still glazed over and said, "... 5?"  

The surgeon was HILARIOUS.  I am so thrilled he will be doing the surgery.  Brenden was wearing Adidas clothes and he kept telling Brenden that he would only do certain things for guys with Adidas contracts, not Nike contracts.  He also asked Brenden to make a list of girls he needed to call when he was safely out of surgery.  I just giggled my way through Brenden's whole appointment, but the jokes were lost on my little stoned looking boy. 

When we got back to the car, Brenden promptly fell asleep.  Once we were back to Jen's, Brenden spent the rest of his day playing on the computer, coloring, and reading books.  He stayed up really late (totally unexpected from a kid who was DEAD tired earlier).  I stayed up late with Jen and Rahul.  Rahul grilled me about Alaska and why I like it.  He is sure I just hate people and think I am better than anyone else (please take that in a very joking tone).  He works for Microsoft and is also quite sure that since I have a Mac, I am an elitist.  I laughed so much last night, I just smile thinking about it.

Brenden REALLY wants to eat at the Space Needle.  I told him it was too expensive, so now he says he is NOT having surgery because it is "too expensive."  Oh, the difficult life of a five year old.  Jen and Rahul are at work right now, but when they get back, they will play tour guide for us the rest of the day.  It has been nice to relax a little this morning (and SLEEP IN!), but we are excited to see Seattle.


Alicia J said...

Enjoy Seattle. I've heard it's beautiful. I hope the surgery goes well. How long are you in Seattle for?

Nolo and Lauren said...

How long will you be in Seattle? We're flying in this Friday morning.

Amber said...

Can't Wait to hear about day 2 :)