Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finally Legal

I have been driving illegal for some time now.  My license was current - but for the state of Idaho.  Right after we moved, we went in to the DMV with our social security cards only to be turned away because we needed our birth certificates (or in Doug's case, a passport).  I ordered a new copy of mine (my mom has the original, a much safer place for it to be than here), waited, and went back.  I was again turned away because I needed a copy of my marriage license because my current last name is not the same as my birth certificate.  Finally, today, I got all of my paperwork together (including the proof of address, which is no longer needed) and got my license.

Doug has been waiting for me to go get my license with him.  We were all ready to go on Monday and then we couldn't find the key to our safe - containing Doug's social security card.  We tore the house apart for hours looking for it, but had no luck.  Today after I got home with my license, I heard Ethan wandering around with a little *clink clink.*  I don't know where he found the keys (or had previously hidden them), but Doug will soon be legal as well.  Now if only Ethan could remember where he hid Doug's cell phone...  Don't call Doug, by the way.  He won't be answering anytime soon.

So, I have a little trivia for you:
-What is the law of implied consent?  Evidently it means you will willingly provide a breath sample if pulled over for DUI.
-Did you know that you cannot park, wait, or STAND by a no parking sign?
-One beer contains the same amount of alcohol as 1 shot of whiskey and 1 glass of wine.
-It takes an average of one hour to cancel the effect of one drink.
-You get 10 points for driving with a suspended license or driving under the influence.

I can't remember much else, but a large portion of the driver's test here has to do with driving intoxicated - something I know NOTHING about.  Perhaps I should take up drinking just so I have some background to pass my driver's test.  These questions were really on there!  I hadn't planned to read the alcohol consumption section of the manual just to get a license.  Evidently it is a big problem here in Alaska.  My seminary students were complaining that lots of their questions on the learner's permit test had to do with DUI.  Permits are given at 14 - I hope no 14 year old is concerned with getting a DUI when driving with their parent!  Huh - you would think they would want to know if you know how to drive, not how many "points" it will cost you if you don't follow the rules.  The cop can tell me how many points I got, how about making sure I can DRIVE?


Anonymous said...

It took me FIVE MONTHS to get a valid driver license when I moved back to Texas and DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED about the incompetence of the DMV:
Glad you got resolved and I hope Doug finds his cell phone soon. Don't forget to check in the toy bins.

Nolo and Lauren said...

Of course 14 y/o have to know how to drive. After all, who's supposed to drive their parents home from the bar??? That's also why 14 y/o need to know about DUIs so they can talk the lingo with the cops when they're pulled over for swerving (lack of experience on icy roads, not drinking).

Anonymous said...

Isn't it an oddity? You move to Alaska, have so many months to legally drive on an out of state license before you need an Alaskan license, and then it takes a year to wade through the bureaucracy. Our story was exact to the 'T'. I had mine first of course, because I didn't have the 'name change' portion. But the birth certificate deal....all the way down to the alcohol portion. I didn't read that section because it was long, confusing with a whole lot of numbers, and I don't drink.....why would it apply to me, right?! And then 85% of my first test...yes, first test dealt with the section I skipped over in the manual. Too funny!