Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time to "bunker down"

According to
bunker down: term used by confused individuals, who are not sure if they want to hunker down or to go and get in a bunker.

Doug and I were at a restaurant with friends this afternoon and when we walked outside, there was a huge ash cloud moving our direction. We stood there, looking straight up, and watched it go right overhead (and toward our house where our children were with a babysitter). Then we went and watched a Dooms Day movie and thought, "How ironic, that here we are watching this and there is a volcano erupting RIGHT NOW..." Kenai was fortunate not to get any ash, but we have a light layer of blah colored granules everywhere. It's ugly.

Then as I took the babysitter home, I got to watch it all over again. There have been about 4 eruptions everyday.

The following pictures are from the Alaska Volcano Observatory:
This is EXACTLY what we saw from the restaurant - I have a picture just like it on my phone.

Volcano weather system


Alicia J said...

Dooms Day movie with a real live erupting volcanoe - now that's funny. I'm too paranoid. I think I'd be freaking out.

Greg said...

Assuming you saw 'Knowing', we had just seen it the night before. Almost kind of fitting in an odd way, huh?! We were about to go into Kenai when our son called to tell us of our impending doom! lol Truly was a grounding experience though wasn't it?! Hang in there guys, and take care.