Monday, February 16, 2009

Adventures on E

Today the "E" is for my bank account.  Last week we borrowed a computer program called Boardmaker @ Home from one of Doug's co-workers.  I brought it home and put it up on our entertainment center so Ethan couldn't get to it.  The other day while Doug and I were clearing up the snowmobile mess Brenden made, Brenden decided he wanted to watch what he thought was a DVD.  He, attempting to pry the CD from its case, broke the Boardmaker in half.  I have looked on eBay, Amazon,, and googled to find a copy I can buy.  It is nowhere to be found and no longer made.  So, in order to buy what would be the closest thing to a replacement, it is $400.  I might have to start a "Children are expensive" column to my monthly bills/budget worksheet.


The Porter Family said...

:0 Holy cow! That sucks so bad! Kids ARE expensive!

Anonymous said...

you can't find it anymore. Ihave the newest edition at school, it came out in the past 3 years I think. did you look up Mayer Johnson?