Saturday, February 14, 2009

An eventful Valentine's Day

This morning we woke to a beautiful day, so we decided we would spend it outside.  We got the kids bundled and headed out.  Doug took a few trips around the neighborhood on the snowmobile and told Brenden and me that it was ready to go.  Brenden hopped on, I hopped on behind him, and before I could get my helmet on, Brenden held down the gas.  We collided with a tree stump, which threw us off (where I landed on Brenden), and the snowmobile continued on its way finally crashing into the trampoline.

Once that mess was all cleared up (although the snowmobile now needs a new paint job), I headed out on my own.  After a short time wandering the lake, the snowmobile sputtered and died.  I tried calling Doug several times with no luck.  Finally, I knew I was going to have to walk.  The snow on the lake is almost knee deep, so it wasn't going to be an easy venture.  Luckily, I was at least near enough that I could see our house (we live on the second largest lake in Kenai, so it was luck!), but I was all the way across the lake.  After a short tiring walk, a very nice man came and picked me up on his snowmobile and drove me home.  We got some gas and he drove me back.  Blah blah blah, a few minutes later we discovered the belt on the snowmachine was toast and needed to be replaced.  The nice man also did that as Doug arrived pulling the kids behind him in a sled.  I was finally able to spend some time snowmobiling and it is incredible to be out in the open going 75 mph!  It was my first time out - and the first time I have even been on a snowmachine since my sister was here for Thanksgiving.

I came home and got Nolan and took him back out with me.
After all of that, we went sledding at our neighbor's house.  They have been shoveling snow into a huge hill that is perfect for sledding.  The kids had tons of fun!  We're all tired and will sleep very well tonight.

We get almost six extra minutes of daylight every day.  We are up to 9 hours of daylight!


Anonymous said...

See, if I had a blog called "Adventures on E" it wouldn't actually contain any bonafide ADVENTURES. Yours, it appears, is aptly titled. Glad you got back safe.

Amber said...

How fun. I can't believe you were going 75 mph! The picture of the sunset looks beautiful.