Friday, February 20, 2009

Water Works

Brenden cries... about everything.  Wrong clothes?  He cries.  Not following schedule?  He cries.  Can't read books at night?  He criiiiiies.

This morning Brenden asked me if we are going to die when we are 120.  I told him probably.  He cried for most of the morning about not wanting to die when he is 120 and not wanting me to die because then he wouldn't have a mom, he would only have a dad.  I told him I'd wait for him and find him when he gets there.  (Mutti, evidently 120 is the magic number, so you've got another 35 years!  But Brenden says you must be so smart after 85 years of life!  I agreed.)  Brenden wanted to know HOW people die and HOW we get to heaven and HOW we will find each other in heaven.  He went on and on and on about death this morning.

I told Brenden that we don't know how and when we will die, but as long as we are being good we will all go to heaven and be able to find each other.  He asked me how I am going to find my grandpas and then he decided the best way is that Jesus will go looking for one and Heavenly Father will go find me the other one.  Lately he is very concerned about being lonely.  I don't know where all the death talk came from though.  I think he is a pessimist.

Brenden is also very concerned that he can't take his toys to heaven with him.  I told him I was pretty sure there are better toys in heaven.  His final concern: there are no cars in heaven, only wheelbarrows.


Anonymous said...

I love kids!

Emily Hurtado said...

Oh man, I love that boy.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. It must be an age thing because Brennan came to me in tears the other night about not wanting to die too-he would miss his family too much, etc etc