Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Nolan!

Today was Nolan's 3rd Birthday!  I was making breakfast when he came out of his room and I started singing Happy Birthday and he, in his gumpy first thing in the morning tone said, "I don't like that song, mom."  He cheered up after that.  We let him open 2 presents before Brenden went to school.  Brenden insisted Nolan needed tools (which we searched all over Target for, only to discover we already had one packaged and ready to give at home).  This is a complete tool set with a hard hat, suspenders, a tool belt, tools, gloves - the works.
Brenden was excited for Nolan.
We had caramel pull aparts for breakfast.  With a 3 year old, you have to blow out the candle as many times as possible right?  So we did a candle with breakfast.
Brenden missed the bus so he could enjoy breakfast with us.  We had him there right on time though!
Evidently we didn't have enough balloons already.
For dinner Nolan wanted spaghetti, but during grocery shopping it morphed to lasagna.  Here he is eating the obligatory salad so he could have carrot cake and ice cream.  Yep, even on his birthday he has to eat his vegetables.
Ethan enjoyed the lasagna.
Nolan warmed up to the idea of singing Happy Birthday and sang it all day - especially over the phone to his many happy birthday wishing fans.
We blew out candles twice - just to make sure we had a good photo.  Doug even caught some saliva on film for posterity sake.
Nolan got Superman pajamas like Brenden's.  Here he is opening Brenden's Target toy find.  Brenden has been dying to open it.
Ethan thought maybe he could get away with one while no one was looking.
Brenden was an ever helpful assistant.
Mom, they all enjoy the gift you didn't know you gave.
(Doug says that sounds bad, so to clarify: she sent money, I shopped for and bought the gift.)
It was a fun day.  Doug was home, the kids were happy, and my little monster is three.  We always tell him he is our favorite Nolan and he and I always say, "I love you oodles."  We're so glad he's ours!


The Porter Family said...

YAY! Happy birthday Nolan! I love that he got to blow out candles all day. How fun! I think I will start doing that for my birthday. :D

Nola said...

Erin, This is random for a comment box, but may I have your address?
You can just email it to me if you want!
(Instead of Christmas letters we have changed over to Valentines letters.)