Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Lincoln's Birthday!

Okay, so my birthday was yesterday, but I have always felt some sort of kinship with good ole' Abe because I could always remember his birthday.

For my birthday, I did my taxes, created a filing system for important papers, filed insurance claims, and did laundry.  Birthdays just lose their fun when you get old.  But now I can forever be 29.  

I just had to share some of my gifts.  My mom bought me a watch, which I LOVE, when we were in Utah for Christmas (although I am sad - when we removed our carpet, the face of my watch got all scratched up...)  Some of my seminary students made me orange rolls, which were delicious!
Nolan and I got a package from Doug's parents last week with both of our presents in it.  I got a massager, metal palm tree hooks, 2 hawaiian necklaces, a hawaiian bracelet (can you tell they just got back from Hawaii?  Jealous...), a new much needed wallet, and an orange fleece blanket.  Nolan got a matching red one for his birthday.

Doug quite impressed me.  Since we got a new dining room table, I have been so sad I don't have any tablecloths that fit it.  Doug got me this cute striped one, which I love.  He got me a diet book by Bob Harper (he got in trouble for that by the girls at work because you're not supposed to give your wife something like that for her birthday!, but he knows better and knew I would love it).  I was most impressed though that he got me the CUTEST sandals and some capris.  He bought them online - I won't even buy my OWN clothes online for fear I will hate them.  It usually takes me near 50 not-online stores to find something I will even wear.  Doug picked them out perfectly though and I look forward to a summer day when I can wear them.

We went out to dinner, but will likely never go back.  We have been to the restaurant twice now and it wasn't good either time - we had forgotten about the last time, it was when we first moved here.  Doug got a 9 inch hamburger, which he shared with everyone at the table and there is still some in the fridge.  That was about the only thing worth the money and that is still questionable.  BUT, the kids ate free, so I can't complain too much.

The best part of my day was that the boys were so good to each other.  They played nice (until Brenden got home and bit Nolan's bare butt because he wouldn't do something Brenden wanted him to).  Nolan and Ethan got along ALL day though, so I got a lot done.

My favorite conversation with Nolan yesterday:
Nolan:  Mom, I peed in my underwear!
Me:  You peed on the stairs!
Nolan: (sheepishly) No, I only peed on one stair.

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