Thursday, February 26, 2009

Darn Cute

Nolan has been so supportive lately.

While I was cleaning my bathroom, he came in several times and asked, "How's the cleaning coming, mommy?"

While I was getting a tetanus shot yesterday: "It's okay, mommy.  It's okay."  And then he proceeded to shutter as Doug gave me the actual shot.  (There was a nail sticking out at an angle between the ungrouted section of tile in the kitchen (yes, still...) and while shuffling my feet, the nail found its way deeply into my heel.  That resulted in excessive amounts of blood, followed by finger painting by Ethan.)

While we were in the car, I heard Nolan from the third row: "I'm just doing fine back here, mom."

While cooking dinner: "How's the cooking coming, mommy?"

After goodnight kisses: "I love your hugs and kisses, mom."

Basically, he's just darn cute.


Anonymous said...

That's so crazy to me that your husband can give you a shot. Do you just keep a stash of what you might need around the house?

The Boehme Family said...

No such luck - I still had to go to the pharmacy and I still had to pay $56, but at least I was comfortable with the guy holding my shirt collar down past my upper arm.

The Porter Family said...

That is adorable!! I can't wait until my kids can talk...well, at least talk besides baby talk. :) That sucks about your heel..ouch!

Nolo and Lauren said...

That's so cute... what a tender heart

Anonymous said...

I'd say so, Good thing you are writing it all down to remember it by, Jamie