Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Always on the run

Today was... busy.  Ethan had his first speech therapy session this morning.  It was fun.  He had his first physical therapy session yesterday.  Evidently, early intervention thinks he has some balance issues.  I would agree with that, but I have also seen my other kids outgrow their stumbling.  After speech, Doug went in to work for a few hours to make up for the hours he will miss on Friday (because it too will be a busy day).  This afternoon, Nolan had his follow-up audiology appointment.

Nolan's OAEs in his right ear were still absent in the low frequencies, but after doing some audiometry, it appears that if there is a loss, it is only mild.  It is still unsure what is causing the absent OAEs, but his hearing was within high normal hearing levels, so for now we'll take it the way it is and just keep watching it.  

Last Friday I got a letter from our insurance that Brenden was approved for his second cochlear implant - with a surgery date of 3/12/09!  Whoa!  I haven't even talked to doctors to set a date or anything and then suddenly I hear from insurance that surgery is in 2 weeks!?  I called around and no one seemed to know this information but the insurance company and me.  I was on the phone for 4 hours yesterday and an hour today trying to figure out where this date came from.  After all of that, our consultation is on 3/9 and surgery is on 3/11.  I am in a mad rush to get plane tickets and arrangements made for the other kids.  The good news is that our insurance out of pocket is only $4500 (in-network), but the bad news is that everything we have spent so far on previous appointments was applied as out of network, so we are starting from scratch.  

That, in a small nutshell, was my day.  How was yours?


Antoinette said...

Thanks for asking! Things are kind of crappy at work and I am trying to be patient. I am so in love with my baby, I don't know what to do! Dave quit his job and is taking 22 credit hours and is very busy too. I am anxious for Spring! When will you be here?

The Boehme Family said...

We will be in Seattle for surgery. We don't know when we will be back to Utah. It seems like there is always something else that requires our money and trips to Utah and Texas have been put on the back burner.