Monday, April 20, 2009

Ahhh, there it is - Spring!

Today I am reminded of why I live in Alaska.  The sky is clear blue and it is sunny and warm (a very relative term).  My house was 74 after the morning sun, which shines in the wall of windows across the front of my home.  I have the windows and doors open.  The view of the volcano is incredible as the steam plume rises.

This morning it was so bright outside when I woke up at 5:30 that I thought for sure I had slept right through seminary.  When I came home at 7:30, it looked like mid-day.  There is still some snow, but that is disappearing quickly.  There are buds on the trees, so spring might have finally sprung!


JoLynne said...

Having such wonderful scenery around at all times sounds great. We go hiking every weekend down a dangerous trail(along a very steep cliff) just to be surrounded in the peaceful scenery. I keep trying to find a different one so I don't fear for the kids lives every weekend but none of the other ones "take us away" like this one.

doug said...

T&J - Let's see some of the photos of your hikes. I would bet they are pretty cool.