Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We're Famous!

Doug and I were both in the paper today!  About a week ago Doug mentioned that the paper was having a Redoubt volcano poetry and photography contest.  He was persistent for a few days to capture a really great photograph on a clear day and I scribbled out a little haiku (that was the only requirement for the poem) during a brief break during lesson planning.  We both submitted our work.
I wrote my poem in about 10 minutes, submitted it, and went to bed.  It was about midnight and I was laying there going over my poem in my head when I realized it wasn't really a haiku.  I quickly opened my computer and sent an email to disregard my entry.

I was at lunch with my visiting teacher today and I saw the paper and grabbed a copy.  I opened it and saw Doug's photograph!  I said, "Hey, I think that's Doug's picture!" and Charlotte scanned until she saw Doug's name.  Several hours later, I was flipping through the paper and on another page I found a review for Doug's picture.  Only a very few pictures were reviewed (each judge chose their two favorites to review).  His is even the first review!  Doug's review says:
I included the Hufford review because he is a friend of ours and Brenden's speech therapist at school.  His blog is in my blog list to the right called Basecamp Nikiski.  He has some great pictures.  This is his picture:
I was especially surprised when I looked up and saw my poem.  They switched it around slightly to make it fit the haiku form, but it's the first listed!  (I know..., you're starting to think this has something to do with alphabetizing, but they aren't alphabetical.)  I don't know that being first has any significance, but it is always fun to be first - kind of like being chosen first for kickball.
I'm not sure if the double meaning was caught, but it means that we, as residents, had a lot of pressure building while the pressure within the volcano built.  Our warning status was changed from yellow to orange, but life went on.  Once we went from orange to red, not only was the volcano relieved of it's pressure, but some of our pressure of the unknown was relieved when we saw what we were in for.

One of Doug's co-workers was featured as well.
You can see more entries at as well as an article about the winning picture and poem.  Here is the winning picture: (which I think is totally worthy of the win, but should be noted that it was taken by a professional)
The winning poem says:
Chalice in the sky
Filled with gold and copper light
Fertile in due time

His poem was noted for strong imagery and double meaning.


Anonymous said...

Way to go you guys! That's awesome!

Amy said...

Ooh, and I bet I even have your autograph in an old yearbook somewhere...wonder what it's worth on eBay now...

doug said...

Some other photos at:

Wally said...

Hi Erin and Doug,

Wow! Thanks for including my photo on your blog! I appreciate the kind words, too.

The swans are still on the creek between Bishop and Mud Lake. It flows under Holt-Lamplight just a couple of miles north of the school. It's just about 100 yards form the Evenson street sign. Sometimes they are right next to the road. Good luck!


Kristen said...

Great job you two! Doug your photo is gorgeous. Erin, you have such a way with words.

uncle Greg said...

Nice work on the paper "newsies" so yea i do have time to read your blog and make comments today, im working for morgan again, aka not working, we havent worked for 3 weeks now and finally today we went to work and got snowed out at 2:00 so im kind of going crazy!

Anonymous said...

I have written two comments and I didn't push the correct button. We do love to read the info on the family. Thee is never a dull moment, right? We appreciated Doug's phone call on Grandpa's birtday May 3. He had a good day. The sun is out today, 5/04, and I cleaned dead stems, leaves and dug grass from one flower bed and worked in the flowers on the east side of the yard. It was nice to be outside and it sounds like it was more than nice for you, Erin and Brenden to be sunburned. We love the photos of the kids and what they are doing, too. Love to all - GrMa Williams

Anonymous said...

I was blog hopping and found you guys. I love the redoubt shots and the poems. guys are full of talent.