Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bear Safety

You know you live in Alaska when they teach your kindergartner bear safety.  He loved every second and has talked about it all afternoon.

51 degrees yesterday.  Woo hoo!  Almost to our summer temperatures.  Actually, I think that beats most of our summer temperatures last year.

I failed to include this in my post about our trip to Anchorage:  As we left urgent care, Brenden asked from the back seat, "Sometime when we come to Anchorage could we do some other stuff?  Fun stuff?"  We have only ever been to Anchorage for doctor visits.

Nolan's cast is removing all of the finish from our chairs.  I need to confine him to one chair and one chair only.

Ethan has a temper!  I have never seen a little boy get so mad about such little things.  He holds a grudge too and has some pretty dirty looks.  I try to capture them on "film" (how do you use that phrase for a digital camera?), but as soon as I do, he smiles his winning smile.

Ethan, Nolan, and I spent our afternoon yesterday finger painting:
This one is for Grandma Boehme 
(by Nolan - with a little help from mom)
This one is for Grandma Kline 
(I helped with the first cloud and tree and the top sun - Nolan did the rest)

Ethan's masterpiece
Doug had his camera and the memory card for my camera or I would have taken a picture of Ethan after he decided to finger paint himself.

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doug said...

Cute pictures! My favorite part of bear safety was that if a black bear is found in a tree then it is okay to run back into your house, but it was important not to scream and run if it was a brown bear because he might be thinking 'lunch'. Just back away slowly while talking calmly to the bruin <(((><.