Monday, April 20, 2009

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I was "tagged" a few days ago by Mandi.  It has taken me a while to post it because I simply don't have the answers for you.

Crazy 8's

8 favorite places to eat out..
I don't really like to eat out all that much and we have only tried a very small few of the less than adequate to make a top 8 list of restaurants here and I don't love any of them.  I do like Qdoba in Anchorage though.  It is like Cafe Rio, but not nearly as good and with way fewer selections.  Once upon a time I really loved Papasitos in Houston.   Now what I would really like is to cook my own food somewhere else and have them do the clean-up!

8 top TV Shows
We don't subscribe to any form of tv.  We tried to watch Biggest Loser on the internet, but it was so slow we gave up.  I don't even know what shows exist anymore.

8 Quirks (This one I can do - I am not hindered by Alaskan living)
1. I hate for anyone to wear socks in bed.
2. I must have cereal boxes and books arranged by size.
3. I really like to fill out surveys and forms.
4. Sometimes I get impatient and read the last page of a book just to see where the book is headed.
5. I don't like any form of "goop."  The whole texture disgusts me.
6. I like to have colorful meals.
7. I love to get mail - even if it's just a bill, it came for ME!
8. Cleaning involves making a bigger mess than had I not cleaned at all.

8 wish list items
1. A new washer and dryer.
2. To park in my own garage. (ahem, hint, hint...)
3. Doug's student loans to disappear.
4. To own less stuff.
5. A fence
6. Children who make slightly less noise.  Does is really need to be constant?
7. More sleep
8. To squeeze my little niece Eva until she's blue in the face.  Is that possible while still being a nice aunt?  Sorry Felicia and Emily, but how can you not want to cuddle with this?  And to my nephews, I love you too, but I don't have one of these...

8 things I look forward to everyday.
1. Reading books with my kids.
2. The day I get to work in my yard.  Preferably with the above listed fence.
3. Ethan taking a nap (and wishing Nolan would too)
4. Accomplishing something - at least there is always the hope.
5. Hearing about Brenden's day.
6. Doug coming home from work
7. My kids going to sleep.
8. Going to bed - I love my bed.

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JoLynne said...

Wow-didn't know you had no tv-and as for the restaurants we don't have any worth mentioning here either.