Monday, April 6, 2009

Daily Life

On Friday night after Brenden's party, Nolan was so tired he had his first accident since he has worn underwear to bed.  He woke up at 5:30 (a daily occurrence since the broken leg) crying that he was wet.  I took him into the bathroom and set him on the toilet while I went about removing the sheets and finding him new pajamas.  A moment later there was a loud crash followed by a continuous scream.  He had fallen off the toilet onto his leg in an attempt to get himself off.  I thought maybe he had displaced the already broken bone, but he seems to be doing okay.  It took him about an hour to calm down and go back to sleep.

Doug has worked straight through since Nolan broke his leg, except Friday when we were rushing around getting ready for a poorly planned party.  By Sunday night, I needed to get out of the house, so I was wandering around the "block."  (We don't really have a block to wander around, it is more of a mile-long loop in our "neighborhood.")  I took Cosmo (our dog) with me to save me from potential moose or bears.  On my fourth round of the block, I came face to face with a moose and Cosmo abandoned me.  So much for my guard dog!  Luckily, a neighbor dog was tagging along on our jaunt and scared the moose off for me.  I guess the mean dog who my children are terrified of is good for something.

Doug LOVES to listen to music while he's falling asleep - and then all night.  I hate it.  I can't fall asleep because I just end up listening very intently to the words of the songs (and as I said before, I treasure any quiet time in life).  Having Nolan sleeping in our room has been like an answer to Doug's prayers.  Every night before bed, he asks Nolan, "Do YOU want to listen to music tonight?"  This morning I woke to Little Mermaid in portuguese.

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Amber said...

Derek is the same way, except with the tv. He usually turns on something we have seen before. He watched the first Harry Potter for about a year! He's done it for so long that now, I can't fall asleep without the tv on. "sigh"