Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nolan Update

Nolan is doing well.  He slept through most of the night and woke at 5:30 in severe pain.  I failed and slept through the middle of the night pain medicine dose, so we were behind.  He slept in our room on a mattress at the foot of our bed and I slept there with him for part of the night.  He has been so sweet.  He wants me with him constantly, asks for lots of hugs, and tells me that he loves me at least once an hour.  I am glad I found a sub for seminary this morning because Nolan needed me with him from 5:30 (when I normally wake up) until 7:45 (when I normally get home).  Brenden was very concerned for Nolan yesterday and cried when he couldn't be with him to know that he was okay.

The doctor seemed baffled at the bruise on Nolan's shin in the exact spot of the brake, so after talking about it, Doug and I came to a conclusion.  The other day when Nolan and Brenden were playing, Nolan fell down and hit his leg.  We figure he must have cracked the bone at that point, so falling wrong yesterday broke it the rest of the way through.

In other news:
Doug bought a new phone.  His number is the same, but now you can call him.  He must have thrown his phone away at lunch in February because it has been nowhere to be seen since then.

Brenden had a visitor at school today.  A woman in our ward is taking a special ed class for her masters and wanted to see what accommodations are made for Brenden at school.  He, being a true gentleman, offered to purchase her lunch with his lunch card.  When she told him that she had enough food, he again offered his lunch card if she was still hungry.

I am mad at the volcano because my windshield is scratched beyond repair from the ash vs. windshield wipers.  The ash won.

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Landon and Mandi said...

Poor Nolan, hope he feels better. Doug and Landon must be a like, Landon also lost his phone in February, we found it a month later in the weeds in the yard and amazingly it still works!!!