Saturday, February 21, 2009


Nope, this post is NOT about the act of forcibly expelling through the mouth, well, not really. The Homer Spit is a geographical landmark located in Homer, Alaska on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula. The spit is a 4.5 mile long piece of land jutting out into Kachemak Bay.  The Spit features the longest road into ocean waters in the entire world, taking up 10-15 minutes to cover by car.  That is where we spent our day.
Our morning:
(off of the blog, this picture has the most beautiful deep red on the horizon)
Getting ready to go:
In the car:

On the way we stopped to take pictures of the historic Russian Orthodox Church.  
This outhouse is across the parking lot:

And then, 2 hours later, we arrived in Homer:
(Homer Alaska - Halibut Fishing Capital of the World)
The Homer Spit:
The view from Homer:
Homer is home to a LOT of eagles:

Feb 18: Odd, but very cool, clouds: (again, the picture doesn't do it justice)


Nolo and Lauren said...

gorgeous... love the pictures of the eagles

Amber said...

You are so brave to be taking your kids all over the place. My kids can't stand to be in a car for more than 1/2hour. All your scenes look picturesque. I especially like the outhouse.

Anonymous said...

What an adventure you guys are having living up there. Glad to see you're enjoying it. Great pictures.