Monday, September 8, 2008

Just give me a degree!

It stinks living in this little place where the only option within a 4 hour drive for an audiologist is one who has no idea what she is doing.  I spent 2 appointments today correcting her on equipment I assume she should be pretty informed on. 

First of all, there is this little sound proof room called a "sound booth" (or silent room as Brenden calls it).  There is a reason they test hearing in these rooms.  It will keep all other sound out and the room itself will not allow sound to bounce off walls or echo.  What good does it do to use the room if you leave the door open?  I could hear the booth fan (which is outside the booth) better than I could hear the sounds in the booth.  Imagine being the poor kid being tested.

She also has no idea how to use my children's hearing aids.  She does not even have the cord to hook Ethan's up to the computer and then I had to show her how to hook Brenden's up.  Just give me the dang Doctor of Audiology degree or don't charge me for the session where I am the one teaching you!  Ugh.

Okay, in her defense, she prefers Phonak to Otocon (brands of hearing aids), so she mostly just does Phonak and my kids both have Otocons, but the booth things should be a no brainer.  Besides, she only tested them at 3 hearing levels, which is far too few to really tell what their hearing is like.  I honestly wanted to ask if I could sit and use the audiometer myself.  

Okay, that is plenty of complaining for today.  Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!


Anonymous said...

What a poop!

Landon and Mandi said...

That is tough but comes with small communities. There is a little boy in Brenon's preschool class, he has two implants. It was interesting to see, he has the two implants but cannot talk. I wanted to ask her how long he has had them but did not. I know that he is three so maybe he just got them. Any way, thought of you.

P.S. Landon's brother dated a girl a couple times that I swear is your impersonator. :) Miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

Think back, Erin. Didn't I try to get you guys to be doctors????

Anonymous said...

What the heck, please give you the degree. I can't believe the testing conditions and the testing. agreed she that is universal no matter the brand of HA! Sorry you are so far away to options. Jamie