Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wood Carving

Doug is really into wood carvings - buying them that is.  This is our collection thus far (plus he has ordered a bear wearing red pants and holding a lantern that really lights up.  He is the size of the big trees).  They are not cheap, so I am hoping he will just pick up the hobby himself.  The previous owners left the chainsaw and there are plenty of logs!

Fence Update:
Unless we get a fence or take down our trampoline, our homeowner's insurance will be cancelled Oct. 4.  They even already sent the refund check.  I might get my fence after all!

For anyone who cares, Nolan has pooped in the potty 5 times today.  Quite the feat for the kid who we thought would be potty trained before the age of two (he religiously peed in the potty before his second birthday and then gave up).  I think he only goes a little at a time so he can get more toys (aka rewards).

I am ready for some visitors.  Who's next?

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