Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Primary Program

Sunday was the primary program.  Brenden did well.  His class sat in the front row on the stand, so he was visible for all to see.  When we left for church, I commented to Doug, "Let's go watch our son misbehave in front of the whole congregation."  He was very good - for the most part.  He had his part all memorized and was completely clear when he said, "I will live worthy to go to the temple."

Brenden's class all came to the front of the stand when they sang and there was one little boy yelling all of the words.  He was very loud, but very cute and knew all of the words.  Near the end of the primary program, Brenden started to try to box out the little boy and keep him from singing.  A bigger kid helped the little boy find a new place to stand and the singing proceeded.  Brenden then decided to take this little boy by the head and give him a noogey - in front of everyone.  Doug and I totally missed it - we had no idea.  I was informed by one of my seminary students later.

Later that day I was at a baby shower and was informed by half of the people there that Brenden was their dinner conversation.  Oh the joys of motherhood.  Mom, I opened the present.  Quite fitting, thank you.  She gave me a book called, "So you want to raise a boy."  I hope it provides some much needed insight.
This is another joy of motherhood.  I was having a VERY bad day already and the boys were really providing a challenge.  I just needed to few minutes to collect myself, so I took a short break in my room.  I won't go into everything that happened that day, but it was really just one thing after the other.  While I was in my room, Ethan emptied the cupboard of 6 colors of sprinkles and a few spices.  He then proceeded to sprinkle ALL OF them throughout the kitchen.  In the meantime, he spilled Nolan's orange juice, which stained the floor and provided an even bigger mess when mixed with the sugary herbalness.  He and Nolan ate as many sprinkles as they could before I returned.  Note to self: No more time out for mom.
This is the fireweed I mentioned in a previous post.  It is really beautiful lining the roads and highways.

We had 3 moose in our front yard this morning.  The dogs just can't seem to get used to it and try to attack them every time.  Today, Newman followed them and Doug finally had to drive around and go find him, which was not hard if you just follow the barking.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad to know that I am not the only one who endures boys and their disasters...