Saturday, September 13, 2008

Utter Chaos

Today was a rough day with these kiddos.  It has been raining for nearly 2 weeks straight, so we are all feeling a little cooped up.  Brenden has officially placed himself above me on our familial hierarchy.  I know nothing and he doesn't have to listen to what I say - not to mention he "demands" I do what he says.  Everything that comes out of my mouth gets the responses of "Well, my grandma says..." or "Well, Mrs. Thye (his teacher) says..." and my all-time favorite, "My friend says..."  He also has an excuse for everything I ask him to do.  My mom warned me this time was coming, and I knew it was coming myself, but it is not pretty.  I remember thinking my teachers were smarter than my parents... I can't remember how well that went over though.

It is like a circus here.  One kid is pooping everywhere and I can't find the wipes while the other one is sitting on the toilet and peeing on the floor.  Brenden made all sorts of projects today which are now all over the house.  The concept of "clean" is so foreign here.  The only motivation they ever have is when it is finally time for Doug to pull into the driveway and they want to clean for dad.  Yeah, well, that is only because it is beyond bedtime and they think that makes a pretty good excuse.

Our moose friends returned this morning.
I gave Nolan an apple and this was all that was left.  He ate the seeds and all!

Just too cute not to post.


Anonymous said...

I sympathize with the attitude problem. Someone has stolen Kaelin and replaced her with a prima donna who thinks she rules the roost. We've been having to crack down recently and employ some new ... techniques. Hopefully it will be a short-lived phase.

Anonymous said...

We all sympathize with any kiddo problems. Today I sat with Isaac in the van (with the windows down) for 20 minutes of time out from church while he screamed. Two different old ladies came over and told me that it wasn't good for kids to be in the van on a summer day. I go sit with him in church then...and by the way we then have him for two more hours since we are the nusery leaders.

The Boehme Family said...

JoLynne- So you understand why I was willing to volunteer for seminary! You should have told the ladies you were sitting there punishing yourself as well.

Anonymous said...

Boy, do I ever understand why you volunteered for seminary. Sunday has become scary for me.

Anonymous said...

Erin, perhaps this would be a good time for you to open the only Christmas gift you may have from me to unwrap. You know, the one I gave you before you moved but that is most likely sitting at the bottom of one of those boxes out in the garage. Brenden is almost 6--and that is when Dustin began to drive me insane with all his new found knowledge. Go ahead--you have my permission.