Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I HATE school fundraisers, but Brenden's school is doing one and they win all sorts of cool prizes for what they sell.  (My theory, forget the prizes and the fundraiser and maybe they would even each other out...)  Anyway, if you want to support him, you can shop online at the fundraiser website at www.qsp.com.  Brenden's student number is BOE1 so if you purchase something, make sure you use the number so he gets credit.  The school number is 710312564 and if for some reason I messed that up, the school is called Nikiski Northstar.  The fundraiser is through Reader's Digest and they have decor, magazines (such as O, Better Homes and Gardens, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Parenting, Health, etc. etc. etc. and even some kids magazine), chocolates, your standard wrapping paper (where you get almost nothing for a small fortune - at least with most fund raisers - I haven't looked too far into this one), gift ideas, and other stuff.  To be honest, some of it looks pretty cool (like something you would buy from Pampered Chef).  They even have bulbs (like flowers, not like light fixtures).  You really must check out the pink roadside emergency kit (Sabrina, I think you need this!).
And who doesn't want a duck shaped floss dispenser?  Tell you what, just for you, I will feature an item every now and then.  Lucky you!  

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Laurie said...

I totally agree about fund raisers! What a pain in a parents butt. Anyway, sorry about the moose returning. That would stress me out so much! Also, Brenden is so funny! Aaron is doing the same thing and it drives me crazy! Why doesn't he know that I know everything and that what I say goes? so frustrating having those conversations, but it could be worse like pulling floss out of a duck right?