Friday, September 12, 2008


We nearly missed the bus this morning, but it was not our fault.  We were up and ready in time for school, but there were 2 moose between our front door and the car.  We watched them for probably 15 minutes and finally snuck, very quietly, out the garage and to the car - probably only 10 feet from the moose.  When we drove away, we were probably only 5 feet from the moose.  Brenden wanted to ride his bike this morning, but I am glad we were driving because it was raining.  I would have hated to encounter the moose down the street with Brenden on his bike.

The dogs had been barking since about 6:30 and finally, at 7:30 I let them outside and that is how I saw the moose.  Cosmo went right for them and I started yelling and he came back after being chased briefly by a moose.  Nolan and Brenden both thought that we had a pretty exciting morning.

(I didn't go to seminary this morning because Doug is in Anchorage for work, so I had a substitute.)

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Laurie said...

I would have totally been freaking out! I do not like large animals...and moose can be really mean! I'm so sorry about all the audiology junk you are having to deal with. So, frustrating! You're such a great mom! Keep it up! I love reading your blog.