Monday, September 22, 2008

I'll be home for Christmas!

I am so excited! The boys and I will be flying to Utah for Christmas. We leave Alaska December 16th and arrive on the 17th. We will be there until the 30th and arrive home on the 31st. I just bought my tickets and feel like I got a great deal - and non-stop flights at that (they are nearly unheard of). Doug might tag along sometime in there if he can ever peel himself away from work. Mandi, I fully expect to meet up with you during that time! Plan accordingly! (Oh, and the garage comment was mostly for your benefit the other day - a picture WILL COME!)

Yesterday we came home from church to find one of the famous 3 little boys in our house playing Brenden's Leapster. Brenden has now decided to heat the house on high just like Nolan. For a little while yesterday I thought I had radiant floor heat and then realized that no, it was just Brenden's stifling room below me.

It was 36 degrees when I dropped Brenden off at the bus stop this morning. We are finally at 43. Chelan, which of the two is worse, 110 or 36 in September? We warmed ourselves up yesterday with a bike ride, during which I think Cosmo ate someone's goose, he had a fluffy white feather hanging out of his mouth. I drove back to their house to see if he did and there was a dead goose, but no one home to ask them how much I owed - they sell geese, chickens, turkey, ducks, and eggs.

My mom also told me yesterday that she will be here for Halloween. That excites me as well. This morning one of the seminary girls asked me if I was okay. I asked her what she meant and she indicated she meant "mentally" okay. I think they all think I am nuts because I get excited over the little things - like scripture mastery songs.

I feel like this is a random post where I am jumping from topic to topic, but now you understand how the poor seminary kids feel. Maybe I AM nuts!?


Landon and Mandi said...

Name the time and place and we will be there!! And since it is at Christmas maybe we will have bells on!! Ha ha ha, bad joke I know!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, another friend saying hey, can we gather? Jamie
Hey, how did the boy get in the house? And when did you start teaching seminary?

Chelan said...

Hmmmmm...the temp thing is a toss up. :-) I guess it you guys get nice and tolerable weather at some point? Winter here will be great.

The Boehme Family said...

Tolerable to who? 60 degrees all summer long - I am not sure if that is tolerable or not. In my opinion, it is better than 101, but not as good as like 75 degrees, maybe even 80.