Sunday, September 7, 2008

We're Doomed!

Things are happening all too early for my children.

Yesterday, Brenden informed me he had a dream about kissing a little girl in his class.  Something about he was saving her from a crocodile... I didn't catch the whole thing, but he was very embarrassed to tell me he kissed her and asked me not to tell anyone.  I am a terrible listener...

Ethan has really taken to throwing temper tantrums.  I am going to catch one on video and post it because you can't help but laugh.  Several years ago there was a home video that won thousands of dollars showing a kid following his parents around and flailing on the floor when he found them.  Ethan is the same, only much younger.  Today he decided to throw a tantrum on the stairs.  He slowly slinkied himself down the stairs while throwing his ridiculous fit (for no particular reason, mind you).

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Anonymous said...

I hate that our boys like girls AT 5-I am not ready for that. But Tyler reminds me that it lasts for a short time and then they enter the "girls have cooties" stage.