Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Christmas List

Every year I have people asking me what I want for Christmas - okay, we are not that popular, it is mostly just our parents.  I generally can't remember when they ask me, so I have decided to post it for all to see and leave it up to you to coordinate, or go ahead and give us 4 of the same item - whatever works best for you.

I want a griddle.  We got one as a wedding present, but at the time, cooking for the 2 of us did not require more than one small pan.  Since then, it takes me forever to make enough french toast or pancakes to feed the family and cooking for my seminary class takes an eternity.

Ethan would like Baby Signing Time Volumes 3 & 4.  They should be released in October and can be purchased in a gift set from www.babysigningtime.com (the gift sets are slightly cheaper and come with a free cd). They are usually available for pre-order, but there is no sign of that yet.  I have a 5% off coupon and the code is "hunt."  We already own everything else that Signing Time offers.  I think we might keep them in business.  Now that I posted that, I don't know what I will get Ethan.  He still never got a birthday present because we own one, if not two of every toy.  Doug LOVES to buy toys; sometimes I wonder who they are really for.

Other than that, I will keep you updated.

It has been about 50 degrees everyday.  Colder than I think it should be this time of year, but the whole summer has been abnormally cold.  Yesterday in the morning, my house was about 63, but I am cheap and just bundle up instead of turning on the heater (Doug is the opposite).  I put the boys down for a nap and started working on my laptop.  It heats up quite a bit, so I was beginning to get warm.  I started removing layers.  When I went to pick up Brenden I thought, "Wow, it feels good outside!"  When we got back home, we walked through the door and it was like a heat wave.  I about suffocated.  I took a look at the thermostat and evidently, dear little Nolan had pushed it all of the way up to the highest setting.  So, we paid to heat our house all morning and then I opened all of the windows to try to cool it off - practically throwing dollar bills (or twenty dollar bills as the case will likely be) out the window.  I was literally sweating while making dinner.  We slept with the windows open.  Maybe it was better when the heater was "summerized."  I had heard of winterizing, but never summer-izing.

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