Thursday, September 18, 2008

Item of the day...

Today's featured item of the day is this fabulous "metal slicing holder."  It slices, it dices, no wait, it does neither of those things...  It holds the food so you too can slice and dice!  Safely slice tomatoes and onions, and more, with this sturdy device that uses a slicing guide and locking mechanism. Dishwasher-safe.  I know, I know, you are all so anxious, but wait, there's more.  As an additional bonus for reading my blog today, you can have the opportunity to purchase this ridiculous looking folding colander.  Cabinet space a problem?  This full-size colander folds flat for easy storage.  Holds up to 5 pounds and features a handy pour spout.  Made of dishwasher-safe propylene.
Have no idea what I am talking about?  I am really trying to keep Brenden from going door to door for his silly (our favorite substitute for "stupid") school fundraiser.  See blog post below.


Anonymous said...

Doh. I think I'll be doing penance for the rest of my life for all the fundraisers I sold to people when I was in middle and high school. I bought a magazine subscription for Kaelin :)
At least they have lots of options now beyond just candy and popcorn.

doug said...

you're a dork for listing these things. love you! :)