Monday, September 29, 2008

My brilliant son

Brenden is in a K/1st split class.  In the class, they have half kindergartners and half first graders.  My intention in putting him in the class was allowing him to do the work with the first graders that he was able to do since he reads at nearly a second grade level, but still allow him to go to kindergarten.  In the class, they strictly split reading groups and math groups by K and 1st, so Brenden was in the K group.  They were learning the letters of the alphabet.  So, the teacher called me one day to see if it would be ok if she put Brenden in the 1st grade reading group.  I said, "Of course!  That is why he is in your class!"  No one seemed to believe me before school started that the kid is like a little genius.  One day I got a call from his deaf ed. teacher informing me that my son was brilliant.  I pretended to be appreciative, but thought, "I told you so!"

So now Brenden is in the 1st grade reading group (and still way ahead of them) and the kindergarten math group.  They are learning to count from 1-10 and how the write the numbers.  Brenden can count BY tens to at least one hundred.  So, I expressed my concerns.

His teacher called me today and I guess they had a special ed. meeting last week and Brenden came up.  Generally, deaf kids are WAY behind, so he is always a topic at the meetings.  This time, Brenden's teacher's concern was not that he was behind, but that he was too far ahead.  He is in kindergarten, but basically IN first grade.  So, she is planning to put him in the 1st grade math group and told me that at the end of the year they are considering "promoting" him.  I had no idea what exactly that meant, but evidently it means that rather than having Brenden basically repeat 1st grade next year, they want to move him right into 2nd grade.  I am excited about it for him, but I could suddenly have a second grader!?  Yikes, the kid is growing up way too fast!

I feel somehow like I am bragging, but in the end, it all comes down to my curious, information loving little (although a head taller than the other kids) boy.  I love that kid!

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