Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gross, Gross, Gross!

Why is it that babies love plungers, toilet scrubbers, and all sorts of cleaners?  Why is it that they MUST play in the toilet, most especially the toilet where someone just "eliminated" and failed to flush?  Why is it that babies must eat everything they come in contact with including dog food and the toys they just used to stir the toilet water?

Nolan just informed me that Ethan is calling China.


Chelan said...

How else eill they build up immunity to all the germs? :-) Maybe it's a boy thing...Wesley does that too. Linnae never did!Pretty gross!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the time you went around cleaning up the backyard in your cute little yellow sun dress, holding the skirt part out like a sack, piled high with goodies, then running proudly to me yelling "MOM!!! I have dog poo poo!!!""??? And don't forget those darling pictures of you on your belly (before you could walk)joining Sam for his evening meal. You taught your children well!