Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Boehmes arrive!

On July 25 we drove to Anchorage to pick up Doug's parents and his brother Greg. From there, we headed to Denali National Park for a few days.
I find this photo HILARIOUS for some reason.
A. What is Greg doing in the back?
B. Is it just me or does Doug look like he's doing something questionable?
(They were picking berries.)
A short break from the car.
Grandma was stuck WAY back in the third seat between the boys.
Nolan talking to Greg's wife Kirsten.
Greg spent a lot of time on his phone. Thank you Kirsten for giving him up for almost 2 weeks so we could have him. Life is always more fun with Greg around. (But next time you have to come - I told Greg that I need a personal hair stylist and she has to travel to me!)

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