Thursday, August 6, 2009

Denali Day 2

On the morning of July 27, we all took the chance to sleep in a little bit and then checked out of our bathroomless cabins.
We went back to Denali for a "short" hike.
But first we visited the Science and Learning Center
Brenden is all about science and learning in any way, shape or form
Brenden and Greg hiked up a mountain while we started our flat hike.
The view of Brenden and Greg from our hike.
(They are on the top of the rocks!)
Brenden and Greg caught up to us and Brenden and Nolan found "milky white" which I found out later really is a kind of rock. Brenden said it was a gem and wanted to take it all home. We all laughed at him a little bit, but he was right - people make necklaces out of it. I guess I need to read all of his books when he is finished with them because most of the time he knows more than I do.
Doug doing his photography thing.
It was really windy.
Brenden found a rock he thought looked like a coffin.
My little mummy.
Ptarmigan - Alaska's state bird
Our "short" hike took us about 2 hours - the book said 30 minutes, but I don't think they take into account 3 adventurous and curious little boys, two of which are toddlers.

We had lunch and headed back home.
We also had to stop briefly in Anchorage where a hunt ensued to fulfill the ever so cute request for moose pajamas for my three year old niece Olivia.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a wonderful time, the pj's were a hit, Olivia loved them.
Thanks for the help, if we each had not taken a different store for the pj hunt we would have taken all night. Sweet success. Love, Trudy

Anonymous said...

Who knew that the wind blew at Denali just like it does is Rexburg, it made us feel right at home, Love, Gma and Gpa Boehme