Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More updating - and more to come

July 22:
Dip netting is a totally new phenomenon we had never heard of until we moved here. You literally take a gigantic net (4-5 feet) and stand in the river and wait for a fish to swim in. You have to live here a year before you can do it, so this was our first year.
Total insanity
Brenden trying it out
Paul - our resident dip netting expert
Look at the line behind them!

July 16:
After Doug got off work, we went for a boat ride to deliver some medicine to a neighbor across the lake. Who knew!? Safeway has home delivery service for more than just me!
Our favorite weed - Fireweed
In the fall, the blooms will all be gone and the whole plant will turn a vibrant red.

Ethan is a very attentive driver.
July 15:
Brenden went out and picked every last bit of rhubarb and brought it in the house. I told him I didn't have a use for it right then, so he put it in his wagon, made a "Free" sign, and sat at the edge of the road screaming "Free Rubar" at the top of his lungs. He kept at it for longer than I would have expected. A friend stopped by to drop off our canoes that they borrowed and he gave each of the boys $.25 and he didn't even take any rhubarb. That's quite the profit on free produce!

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