Thursday, August 6, 2009

Halibut Fishing

We arrived home from Denali around 2:00 a.m. and then were up at 5:30 to go halibut fishing.

Greg was nice enough to tell Captain Bob about his fictitious "asthma" to attempt to keep him from smoking on the boat. It only slightly worked.
Doug caught a shark
I got to be the captain's "girlfriend, sweetheart, baby" and all other variety of affectionate terms. Besides that, Bob had a foul mouth.
Our captain couldn't make up his mind, especially when it came to how Grant should fish.
"Put your pole down! What are you doing? Lift your pole UP. If you can't listen, you'll never hook 'em!"
Not exactly any record breaking halibut, but tasty and delicious all the same. At least we caught our limit - that can't be said for all of the boats out that day.
I had taken a dramamine early in the day just incase I was going to be sea sick. The sea was calm though, so all the dramamine did was make me super tired. I literally fell asleep standing up, sitting in a fast moving boat back to shore (where I hear I hit my head pretty hard) and the minute we got back to the truck, I was out! Doug bought me earrings made from halibut ear bones.

While we were gone, Grandma Trudy held down the fort.

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Anonymous said...

Halibut fishing was one of the highlights of my one trip to Alaska some years ago. Actually, that trip had lots of highlights, but that was a fine-tasting fish!

We may be heading up there again next summer. Jens wants to show me the Eskimo village where he grew up, and he wants to take the kids to Seldovia where his family has some property.