Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Smarty Pants

Pretty soon my boys are going to completely outsmart me. Today as I was riding my bike down a hill with the kids in the trailer, my three year old informed me that "gravity will bring us back down." Brenden then announced, "I taught him that."

A few days ago I bought Brenden an alarm clock. It took me months to decide on one. I finally asked his opinion. He wanted one with a light that will wake him up. So I looked and found one that vibrated, had a lamp outlet, and I was willing to buy. It also has an insanely obnoxious high decibel SUPER LOUD alarm which I hope to never hear in my home. Doug didn't like it. In the very end, I gave Brenden 3 or 4 to choose from and he chose one that will vibrate his bed and has a little LED light (which I believe will have no part in actually waking him). It has a very cool blue night light function though - I am positive that's what sold him on it. It was the ONLY analog clock, so now Brenden has been diligently working on reading an analog clock. Today was a time-telling matching game.
He did pretty well, but was stumped by a few.
I have been looking for strobe light fire alarms for years and can't decide on one. I like to research things out overly thoroughly. Doug likes to remind me that once I have spent months looking for a cheaper one that does all of the same things as the first one I found, I might as well have bought the expensive one and not wasted all of that time. I would always question my decision though...

My birthday is 3 days before Valentine's Day, so flowers are insanely priced. Yesterday was my half-birthday and Doug showed up with these:
I love when he buys me flowers, for the flowers yes, but he never gets them arranged so he can bring them home for me to arrange. (I used to be a florist in college.) Every single time I think of the first time I ever made an arrangement with flowers he brought me.

Doug and I had only known each other a short time when I got a call from him that he needed a favor and would I come over to his apartment. Of course, I went. There, in a vase was a HUGE assortment of wild flowers that he had spent the afternoon picking. He asked me to arrange them. When I asked him why he said they were for someone. My heart fell. I thought for sure he liked me and here I was making an arrangement for another woman. So I arranged the flowers and handed them back to him. That's when he told me they were for me. I took them back to my apartment and dried them. Every time we moved, they were the first thing hung on the wall until finally, after a few moves, they bit the dust. (You can only move dead flowers so many times - my wedding bouquet made it's exit back in Idaho.)

We are trying to make the most of the next 11 days until school starts, so forgive me if I'm absent for a little while.


Anonymous said...

I got all caught up and love your posts. I also love your cute stories of your smart amazing compassionate kids and the flowers. Hope all is well! School also starts for me in less than a week. AAAAGGGHHHH! Jamie

Amber said...

It's so fun to see how your kids are growing! Brenden is going to love 1st grade. I bet it really helps to have the implants on both sides. I miss having another DHH mom to talk to. Everyone around here is either Muslim or Hispanic, and they want nothing to do with me. Sigh. Enjoy your last few days with school off. You are such a good mom to enjoy them being at home. I was quite ready for them to be back in school. Nathaniel and Logan have been in school for 4 weeks now.

munyer jerk chicken said...

I'm still waiting for a blog about a girls night at the cabin that a little birdie told me about. hee, hee, heee! But in the meantime, I've enjoyed reading these posts.

Abby said...

Very sweet about the flowers. Good luck with the alarms and sack lunches and school supplies! (And having to get kids ready early and all that...) Are you still teaching seminary?